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The Horse EA trades on GBPJPY. It uses MACD, Stochastic, Standard Deviation, Moving Average, Bollinger Bands indicators to perform a trade. An order is opened when both MACD and Stochastic confirm opening. Standard Deviation and Moving Average indicators are necessary to set parameters of the order, its volume, Stop Loss, Take Profit. Moving Average can have values from 50 to 200 and shows direction of a trend. The EA shows the best results on H1. There was a minimal risk with a pretty good profit. The EA is meant for trading on a real account with average spreads. Parameters of the robot put 10% of the deposit at risk, but this value may be higher in some cases. The robot can use a percent of the deposit as a lot. If you set a particular percent, the sum changes when your account increases. That exponentially increases your account. Each order is protected by Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop, which can be changed. Tests have revealed 8% of profit and 81% of profitable trades per year.


  • T = Take Profit
  • SL = Stop Loss
  • SLL = Stop Loss, this value is specified for orders when a trend on H1 is flat, market price can be adjusted.
  • TS = Trailing Stop
  • Prots = 0.1, 10% of your account, number of lots to set as percent of a free margin.

Initial testing data of Horse on GBPJPY H1 with period from 15.01.2014 to 15.04.2015 and 10% risk of the deposit has shown $330,000 of profit in program 0.1. It makes 3,300%. The program is designed for 5 digits quotes.

Download and test a demo version of the EA to obtain approximate data which will depend on your spread.

Author: F62054912, 7 years of experience in financial markets.

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