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CrazyFX is an automated Forex EA. It is neither a tick scalper, nor a Grail, nor a hedger. It does not generate profit.

The modeling quality of 99% is not necessary to test the EA.

We all know that symbol prices may often change sharply in a few seconds covering the distance of 20-100 pips or more.

If we look at the history, we will see that in many cases the price comes back after such a sharp spike.

The robot tries to enter the market at the very peak of the spike in the direction of the price roll-back.

The exit is performed by a stop loss that follows the High/Low price of the previous candle.

Initially, the EA exited a trade by a trailing stop. However, this method turned out to be impractical, since the price moves chaotically after a big spike often touching a trailing stop just to continue its movement towards a roll-back later. As a result, the EA showed considerable profit on history but was inefficient on a real account. Besides, commission eliminated all the profit the EA managed to make.

After the modification, profits during the tests have been significantly reduced. However, the profit curve has become more stable.

The EA profitability on history data comprises 3-50%, but there are also months showing especially high activity when the EA makes more than 100%.

At the moment, the EA is being tested on real accounts at different brokers. The trading robot is not too sensitive to order execution and spread. It shows excellent results on history at a maximum spread of 15 points. It is quite easy now to find a broker offering a spread less than 10 pips or even 5-7 pips.

I am going to improve the EA whenever possible and optimize it to the current volatility on EURUSD.

It is no secret that configuring and optimizing an EA on a real account take a lot if time, effort and money.

Therefore, the price will be increased by 100% or higher after a real account monitoring is published. It all depends on the result.

I am not going to promise you profits in advance. Everyone knows that the past profits do not guarantee the future ones.

During the tests, the EA shows positive dynamics on any time intervals from six months and longer.

I believe, together we can achieve something greater.

My first task was to save funds. Multiplying them was a second priority.

You do not need to configure anything when launching the EA. All the parameters have already been set in the most efficient way.

Note! Analyze the EA on a demo account before launching it on a real one.

I recommend that you use only available funds for investing in the Forex market. Do not invest the funds you cannot afford to lose. The EA can work with $50 but it is more reasonable to start from a cent account.

The EA works on M1 chart. This timeframe produces too much market noise, therefore the ratio of profitable and unprofitable trades is 50/50. But since the average profitable trade exceeds the loss-making one several times, the balance grows steadily.

Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia
Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia 2016.01.04 23:46 

It did´t work for me. Rented 1 month, demo ECN, EURUSD M1, only 5% risk (instead 30% default).

My BackTest 90% quality was very good but in 3 weeks I got a 40% DD en the demo.

Mohamed Elsayed
Mohamed Elsayed 2015.06.29 09:32 

I've been a firm believer in testing products before I give my view on them. CrazyFX has been proved to be good! It is slow but sure.

When I first bought it, I was wondering why it doesn't open any trades after more than 3 days? But once it opens, boom! At least I got more than 15% in a single trade because of volatility!

I really like the system, because it's not 'in rush' opening trades. This EA is like a hunter. It waits patiently and very carefully. Once it sees a big fish, it will jump and grab it.

The author also has been very helpful and supportive. He always reply my questions fast.

I plan to test it on several other brokers and see how it will reacts.


Update 29th of June 2015:


The EA gave me 53% Profit in a single day Today!!! Super Duper hunter!!

Version 1.7 2015.08.13
-fixed virtual stop
-updated order opening function
-updated the function of closing orders
-added error processing function
-improved code reliability and structure
Version 1.4 2015.08.03
- Updated the lot calculation function
- Added the ability to use a virtual stop
Version 1.2 2015.07.09
- Optimized code, minor corrections.
Version 1.1 2015.06.15
- The Expert Advisor works with any stop level.