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RSI 28pair MultiTimeFrame Alerts and Notification

This program you inject as an EA. It has a function to disable and enable alerts and notifications.

To enable notifications on your smartphone you need to download MT4. The MetaQuotes ID can be found in the Messages tab.

In your MetaTrader 4 on the computer go to: Tools-> Options (ctrl+O) -> Notifications tab and enter the ID found in your MT4 on your cellphone

The EA is not placing any trades. It's based as a tool for getting signals based from RSI crossing into Overbought and Oversold zone or exit them. Very usefull if you are a daytrader and are not on your computer the whole time. So you can recieve notifications on your smartphone!

  • Period: Setting for RSI Period
  • Overbought: Overbought Level
  • Oversold: Oversold Level
  • Price: Price of RSI
  • shift: Which bar to use
  • Alerts: Popup alert (true or false)
  • Notifications: Message on Phone (true or false)
  • Min5-15-30 and hour1-4 and day1: Use this timeframe (true or false)
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