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RECsystem EA

RECsystem EA is based on velocity definition in physics

v=(x2-x1)/(t2-t1)=∆x/∆t (x: distance, t: time, v: velocity).

Thus, in the market, the formula ∆price/∆time gives us velocity of the price. If price/∆time<0, the price is moving down, while if price/∆time>0, the price is moving up. On the other hand, the value of ∆price/∆time gives us the strong moving or weak moving. Together with some signals from the price chart, the EA predicts further market movement. After that, the EA uses another formula to find the best point to open an order.

RECsystem EA works best with the EURUSD pair.

One order is opened for one pair at a time. The time intreval between two orders is more than 15 minutes.

Every order should have a small stop loss (from 20 to 55 pips).

A broker with a spread less than 1 pip is recommended.

This EA demonstrates the same result for all timeframes. To run it, only set the trading volume (0.1 lot for balance >=$1,000).

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