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Resistant Arrow

Resistant Arrow indicator is a reliable and versatile technical analysis tool. You can use it with any currency pairs and timeframes. The best results are obtained on the synthetic Renko charts. Its main advantages are stable operation during connection failures and resets and a signal that never re-paints. The indicator is easy to use and requires little initial setup. You have to adjust only one parameter to your trading style. Please note that this is a multi-timeframe indicator. Examples of using the function are shown on the screenshots.

The indicator is not a Grail. It does not catch all highs and lows or bring you 1 000% of profit per day. Sometimes, it may lag behind or miss a market event (according to a trader's subjective opinion), but in any case it provides an honest and stable signal with no re-painting allowing you to analyze history afterwards and fine-tune the product. Please examine the screenshots, the video and the demo version results carefully. It may be possible that this indicator does not fit your work style. So, do not hurry to post undeserved negative reviews and comments if something goes wrong. You receive exactly the product described here. No more, no less. Thank you for understanding!

The screenshots and the video show exactly the product presented here. No tricks. The indicator does not re-paint or disappear. During the sharp price fluctuations, it may form on a zero bar, till it finally stops. The indicator is a completely independent tool. But it can be an efficient addition to various trading systems, for example, when working with a trend following indicator.

H1-H4 timeframes and synthetic Renko charts are recommended. The indicator notifies of signals via alerts, push notifications and emails.


  • TimeFrame – timeframe the indicator values are derived from. The timeframe depends on a trading style;
  • Per – indicator calculation period;
  • Dist – signal frequency. The lesser the value, the less entry points are displayed on a price chart. The parameter is selected according to the chart type and a timeframe.

Note: The video mostly demonstrates the operation and the conditions for a signal to appear, rather than accuracy. The timeframes of the price chart and the indicator in the video are the same. The basic principle of working with the "multi-timeframe" option is shown in the screenshots.

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