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Syn3rgy EA

Syn3rgy is a multicurrency scalping EA trading on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURCHF on a M15 timeframe. Syn3rgy has a unique entry and exit strategy combining both time and filtering mechanism to manage trades.


  1. Fully automated Forex trading robot
  2. A safe, accurate and unique trading strategy
  3. Developed with over 5 years of data
  4. Effective Money Management, Exponential growth
  5. Start with as low as $50
  6. Works on all brokers preferable low spread brokers.


  • No_of_Trades—Maximum number of simultaneous trades
  • Risk—Trade percentage of equity
  • Use_MM—Enable/disable money management
  • Starting_time—The hour at which Syn3rgy opens a trade
  • Stop_Time—The hour at which Syn3rgy stop taking trades
  • TakeProfit—The number of pips from the current price to close out a position in profit
  • StopLoss—The number of pips place on a trade to limit losses.
  • Lots—Lot size for fixed trade
  • Use_Filter—Enable/Disable to prevent trades due to adverse movement in the market.

Customer Support

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Version 3.10 - 2015.06.10
Added: AllowMaxSpread: Manually enter spread
Added: MagicNumber: Enter different magic numbers for different symbols.