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Market Activity

Have you ever wondered what time of the day the market is more active or very quiet?

Are you not sure when the Asian or the New York session starts? What will happen, if you are confident, but your broker has a time zone offset?

If you are writing an Expert Advisor, will it work under certain market conditions only and will your users be able to configure it very easily?

Will one session become more active than another, if the market changes over time?

Wonder no longer! All these concerns are addressed by Market Activity - an extremely easy to read indicator! It plots market activity over the past 20 days, so you can easily see for yourself, when the market is the most quiet or the most volatile. You can also see the start of the various market sessions.

Look at the screenshot on M15 timeframe on GBPUSD. Do you see how clearly the activity is shown?

Input Parameters:

  • NumberOfDays - number of days from the current time to the sample;
  • Smoothing - number of smoothing samples to apply to the signal.

It is recommended to use any common prices, such as open, close, maximum, minimum, median etc.

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