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The Mega Toolbox program is a rich set of high-precision tools that automate most of the routine operations in the process of Forex trading, and thus greatly facilitates trading. The ergonomic and sophisticated graphical user interface of the utility allows finely adjusting it to the individual needs of the trader (down to the color palette of buttons and labels), makes the tedious job of the trader easier and a little more pleasant.

The utility continuously monitors all existing orders and visualizes the results of the control. For each group of orders it calculates and displays the number of orders, their total lots, profit, breakeven level (ZeroLine) and distance to/from ZeroLine. ZeroLine can be displayed on the chart as lines. The utility displays a final difference between the groups of orders. The utility also shows the detailed information about the account and the trading symbol (the High and Low values, restrictions, protection level, permissions, etc.). The program panel displays the current date and time, and a spread value in pips.

The basic version of the program allows you to automatically open orders at a predetermined distance (Grid Step) in points. The orders of the grid can be opened in the BUY and SELL direction. An individual step and lot size can be specified for each type. The lot size can be specified in advance, or calculated automatically, depending on the amount of money in the balance. The specified value at risk (1 to 100) affects the automatic calculation of the lot size.

For any order (no matter who has opened it - a program or a trader) the utility can automatically set Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP). SL and TP can be calculated in two ways (fixed distance, or the ATR value multiplied by the specified coefficient). The utility allows you to automatically trails the SL for each order individually (Solo Trailing), and for group orders (Group Trailing).

The trailing distance can be calculated in several ways:

  • Fixed distanse;
  • Indicator ATRxM;
  • Smoothed moving average of the extremums (SMA Extremum);
  • Indicator Parabolic SAR;
  • Indicator Heiken Ashi.

For each type of trailing and each types of orders, you can specify an individual method and its parameters for the calculation of SL. You can also specify the minimum level of profit after which trailing will start.

The utility provides a number of options for a group closing of orders:

  • Closing opposite orders (only profitable or all);
  • Closing only profitable orders (Buy, Sell, or all);
  • Closing only losing orders (Buy, Sell, or all);
  • Closing all orders (Buy, Sell, or all in General).

Any operation of multiple closure requires confirmation from the user (to prevent accidental clicks).

The utility provides interactive graphical interface that allows you to change the parameters of any mode of operation of the utility. You can easily turn on and off any options by a simple mouse click on the button. The utility provides 2 interface languages – Russian and English (the language of the interface changes only in the input parameters). Also in the options section, you can quickly change the color settings of the interface.

All settings and configuration options are saved in the setup file (XXXYYY_MTBMT4.SPR where XXXYYY is the trading symbol) when you exit the program. Then, the next time you start the program, all settings are read, allowing you to continue working in the same mode (as if not turned off). Option for saving and reading settings can be disabled (any one of them separately or both of them at once).

Detailed instructions in English can be downloaded from the cloud at the link: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5SnAixykXH2L/ENG%20UserManual%20MTB%20MT4.pdf

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