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Adaptive Laguerre Filter

Adaptive Laguerre Filter (ALF)

The creator of Adaptive Laguerre Filter (ALF) is the famous John Ehlers. ALF is based on the Laguerre filter. The different thing between both is that ALF uses a variable gamma factor. In other words filters used to track previous bars are different from each other. Similarly, ALF pays more carefull attention to market changes during uptrend or downtrend than during flat.

Its fast adaptation ability makes this indicator one step ahead of others.

How To Trade With Adaptive Laguerre Filter:

  1. Buy Signal:
    Buy when price goes above the ALF line
  2. Sell Signal: Sell when price goes below the ALF line
    Important Note: DO NOT trade when ALF line is horizontal.


  • Look-back: The number of bars which checked from past.
  • Median: The averaging parameter. (Smoothness)
  • Price Type: Price types represent 7 predefined values which are used to calcualte Price Averages:
  • Color: Color of indicator drawing line.
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