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Fx Secure PRO

The Fx-Secure PRo EA is a semi-automated trading panel which enabled a trader to manage trading positions in a rapid and efficient manner. Suitable for almost any trading system. Fx-Secure PRo helps the trader to manage and control positions. The EA not only calculates trading risk, but also moves positions to breakeven, trails positions (5 types of trailing), applies SAFE principle and a host of other things. Using this tool you can open trades according to your trading system. And the EA will automatically lead your position to your selected exit method. Results of open positions is displayed in the "running letters ". Some data can be changed directly on the price chart.

Control Buttons

  • Buy (opens BUY positions)
  • Sell (opens SELL positions)
  • Close ALL (closes all open positions)
  • Close BUY (closes all BUY positions)
  • Close SELL (closes all SELL positions)
  • Opposite (opens an opposite position).
  • Reverse (makes Reverse).
  • Partial x (closes a part of position).
  • Breakeven (moves all open positions to breakeven).
  • Cancel TP (cancels TP of all open positions).
  • Cancel SL (cancels SL of all open positions).

Data Block

  • TP: TakeProfit
  • SL: StopLoss
  • Lot: LotFixed / Position volume
  • Risk: Risk % / Risk size calculated from the balance, if Risk=0, positions are opened by the fixed lot.
  • %P: Percent Profit / Profit percentage of the balance when all positions of the account will be closed.
  • %L: Percent Loss / Loss percentage of the balance when all positions of the account will be closed.
  • $P: ProfitForOut / Profit in the deposit currency (all positions of the instrument will be closed)
  • $L: LossForOut / Loss in the deposit currency (all positions of the instrument will be closed)
  • BEy: Breakeven On/Off / 1 – applied, 0 – not applied
  • BEs: Breakeven Start / Breakeven triggers when the price passes 12 points
  • BEs: Breakeven Profit / SL will be moved by 3 points from the open price.
  • TS: Trailing Simple / 1-applied, 0 – not applied
  • TFC: Trailing Fractal-Candle / 1-applied
  • F/C: Trailing Fractal-Candle / 0-fractal, 1-candle
  • xLots in market / Number of lots in the market: Lots of all open positions
  • xLot Opposite / Lot of an opposite position
  • Currency pair / Period / Quote
  • SPREAD current / Minimum / Maximum
  • SO / 100 - Stop Out Account
  • Language (0-English, 1-Cyrillic)
  • Sound (1-on,0-off)
  • Support ECN (1-on,0-off)
  • AutoMagicNumber/Automated calculation of magic number (1-on)
  • Safe / Safe system (0-do not apply, 1, 2-variants)
  • Pak / Coeff. of partial closing lot
  • Opk / Coeff. of the opposite order lot
  • Lbe / Breakeven line on the price chart (1- on, 0-off)
  • SAR / Trailing by SAR (1- on, 0-off)
  • ATR/ Trailing by ATR (1- on, 0-off)
  • RL / Running letters (1- on,0-off)
  • RL / Distance in bars to the дае from the current price (5-five bars)
  • AI / Account info (1-show, 0-hide)
  • PI / Profit info (1-show, 0-hide)
  • CI / Currency strength indicator (1-show, 0-hide)
  • T(Trend) / Determine trend by iMFI
  • S(Signal) / Determine signal by iMFI


  • Breakeven function
  • Magic Number function
  • Account information function
  • Trailing Stop function (5 types)
  • Money Management function
  • TakeProfit & StopLoss levels
  • SAFE Mode
  • Running Letters function (RL)
  • Trend-Signal function

See _Fx-Secure PRO_v2.0.doc file for more details

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Version 3.1 - 2015.08.03
+ Lock: this option sets positive lock by means of
equaling lots between Buy and Sell positions.
CloseBY: this option uses one order to close another order with
the same symbol but in the opposite direction.
BuyStop: opens pending BuyStop order.
SellStop: opens pending SellStop order.
BuyLimit: opens pending BuyLimit order.
SellLimit: opens pending SellLimit order.
Delete All Stop/Limit: deletes all pending orders.
=SET= TP&SL: places TP and SL for the last opened position.
- current price of the symbol
- spread (current/minimum/maximum)
- server time
Buttons to enable/disable modules
AI (AcountInfo) - =Account= informational module
PI (ProfitInfo) - =Profit= informational module
CI (CurrencyInfo) - =Currency strength indicator= module
Mm (Main module) - Main operational module
These modules are enabled/disabled at the touch of button.

- grid support function
/News ticker/
- full news ticker if there are open positions
- time of bar formation if there are no any positions