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ROC Classified

ROC Classified (EA)

ROC Classified (EA) is an indicator for the classification of best and worst assets in your watchlist

It's recommended to enable in your list up to 60 assets to avoid creating delayed calculation!


The graphical interface allows to perform the main functions directly from the chart.

It's possible to enable the forex category, CFD or both.

It's possible to see the ROC of previous days.


  • SIGNAL: This parameter is used to define the level of the main study
  • PERCENTAGE STEP: This parameter is used to define the advance of signal step
  • FONT SIZE: Increase or decrease font size
  • OFFSET: Indicator deviation
  • ASSETS in the WATCHLIST: If set to True, the indicator will analyze all the assets on the watchlist except those disabled

For any questions please send me a private message. Also contact me for product support and improvements after you purchase it.

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