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If a certain number of candles in a row (candles parameter) has bigger size than specified in distance parameter, the EA understands that the market is highly volatile and starts working.

Filling is applied. Filling step is set in points in Step parameter. Recommended timeframe is Н1, works with major currency pairs.

Orders are closed by total profit in points.


  • candles — number of candles in a row. Each candle should exceed or be equal to distance parameter;
  • distance — distance in points. Each candle in a row should be bigger than this distance;
  • MM — enable money management;
  • MaxRisk — if ММ is enabled, lot size is calculated from this value;
  • Lot — applied when ММ is disabled (false);
  • TakeProfit — profit in points to close all orders opened by the EA;
  • Step — step between filling orders;
  • Magic — number for the EA to identify its orders;
  • Slippage — maximum price slippage;
  • name — comment to open orders;
  • MaxOrders — maximum number of filling orders.
2017.11.27 09:58 

Solid EA :)