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The TrendTerms indicator tracks market trends with absolute reliability ignoring the sharp fluctuations and market noise. The product is developed for trading on small timeframes, as it ignores price spikes or sudden correction of the price movement by reducing the noise around the average price.

Applied indicators:

  • iLow
  • iHigh
  • iMA for minimum prices
  • iMA for maximum prices
  • iATR

Development on minimum and maximum points creates internal boundaries (channel) in the calculation of the indicator signals. The channel allows you to remove market noise. iMA and iATR are used to construct the signals applying the unique algorithm. Thus, the output signal is based on reliable indicators and is also reliable. You can configure both the audio signal, as well as, the email notification. The indicator does not redraw.


  • Period_1 - period for calculating the channel for noise filtering.
  • Period_2 - period for calculating the entry points using iMA and iATR.
  • DrawArrow - draw the arrows.
  • ind - indicator name (optional parameter).
  • UseSound - audio signal.
  • AlertSound - text signal.
  • SoundFileBuy - buy audio signal.
  • SoundFileSell - sell audio signal.
  • SendMailPossible - send information about a signal via an email.
  • SIGNAL_BAR - signal bar.
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