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Argolis EA

The Expert Advisor defines the presence of a trend and enters the market in the appropriate direction.

Virtual stop loss and take profit.

Adding to profitable trades.

Trend trading tools are recommended. The optimal timeframe is M15.


  • name - comment to an open order.
  • candles - amount of candles, during which the price should move a certain distance (length).
  • length - minimum distance the price should move during the candles set in the candles parameter.
  • MM - enable auto configuration of a trade lot (money management).
  • MaxRisk - maximum risk per one trade in case ММ is enabled.
  • Lot - if ММ is disabled, a lot has the value specified here.
  • TakeProfit - orders are closed if the specified profit level in points is reached.
  • MaxLoss - orders are closed if the specified loss level in points is reached.
  • Step - step of adding to profitable orders.

Tests and optimizations can be performed in Open prices mode.

Gary Davis
2017.07.28 12:08 

Your BEST EA yet. I really like this one in combination with Vinetu, I am trading both on live accounts.