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Sniper Demo

This is an assistant Expert Advisor designed for semi-automated trading based on the trading system "Sniper" by P.Dmitriev. The EA is based on the well-known free Expert Advisor "Sniper" by D.E.Kolosov. (http://forum.tradelikeapro.ru/index.php?topic=5852.0)

  • The "Buy" button opens a Buy order (or two orders if "Safe" is used).
  • The "Sell" button opens a Sell order (or two orders if "Safe" is used).
  • The "CloseAll" button closes all positions.
  • The "Acceleration" button opens a "booster" order.

Significant Additions

  • The EA automatically calculates the distance to SL (in points) for the opened position considering the rules of placing stops in this trading system.
  • Based on the size of SL, the EA calculates the lot size of the position to open.
  • When using the "Safe" tool (when parameter "Open two orders?" is set to «true»), the EA opens two orders. Traded lots of each order are automatically calculated in a certain proportion, so that when the first order is closed by TP equal to 10 points, closing of the second order by SL would bring the total result of the two orders in the deposit currency to "zero".
  • The lot size of the "booster" order is also automatically calculated based on the SL of the acceleration order. The lot size is calculated so that if the SL of this order triggers, the profit of the initial order would fully cover the loss of the "booster" order.


  • TP 1 — the Take Profit of the first order;
  • TP 2 — the Take Profit of the second order;
  • Open two orders? — the Safe parameter;
  • Stop-loss orders booster — the stop loss of an acceleration order;
  • Magic number — the unique number of the orders;
  • MM - the risk level in one deal as % of deposit;
  • Corner of the chart for the binding — the corner of the chart where the buttons and the information panel of the EA will be located.

This is a fully functional EA version, but works only on demo accounts.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.16 10:15 

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Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.20 23:31