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Line Deal

The Line Deal EA is a simple tool for opening and closing positions using trend lines adjusted by a user.

You can place trend lines on the chart and leave your monitor. The EA will open and close positions for you and notify you about performed trades by e-mail and PUSH notifications.


  • opening and closing positions.
  • notification about performed trades.
  • notification about trade opportunities.

Operation Description

The Line Deal EA allows a trader to perform trades when trend lines are crossed. The EA does not have its own strategy but implements yours.

The EA places three trend lines on the chart. Corresponding line becomes active when the left edge of the line is moved contingently to the future.

Use the BUY/SELL button to select direction of position opening. The position is changed when the price crosses the purple line in any direction.

If terminal settings prohibit automated trading, the EA will be sending messages about trade opportunities to addresses specified in your terminal's settings.

Input Parameters

  • StopLoss - stop_loss order level in points
  • TakeProfit - take_profit order level in points
  • line_size - initial length of lines in bars
  • line_shift - initial back shift of the line in bars
  • Lot - number of lots
  • devi_ation - slippage in points when performing a trade

Operation Start

Run the EA. Set required parameters.

If you need to close a position, you may leave the Lot parameter (number of lots) unchanged. The EA will close existing position in its entirety.

After initialization three lines, the BUY/SELL button for selecting a direction and the GO/stay status button with stay label will appear on the chart. In the stay mode you can move lines on the chart without fear of accidental activation. Using the BUY/SELL button you select direction of the position opening.

Then click the GO/stay button and the EA will switch to the GO mode which is an operational mode. The GO button will be green.

Orange color of the GO button indicates following:

  • The EA has opened a position and now works in the mode of position closing.
  • The EA works in the mode of position closing if the position has been opened by a user or reopened by a broker.
  • There are mistakes in input parameters or trading is prohibited in settings. The EA will not open positions but send messages. The problem will be described in comments on the chart. Positions will be closed by your scenario.

After you close the position, the EA will switch to the stay mode.

Good luck and happy trading.

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