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Magic Level

Magic Level is based on a breakout trading strategy. It is designed to run on EURUSD currency pair and M15 timeframe.

  • Trades all accounts - micro, mini, and standard accounts
  • Operates with 4 and 5 digits after the decimal point
  • Operates with any MT4 broker
  • Comes with an advanced Money Management system
  • Comes with intelligent built-in protection system
  • Very Stable and Secure


  • Risk—Maximum percentage of balance to risk per trade
  • Lots—Lot size
  • StartHour—Allow trades between StartHour and EndHour
  • EndHour—Allow trades between StartHour and EndHour
  • TrailingStop—Profit in pips that turns the trailing stop function on
  • TrailingStep—Minimal change in pips for the SL
  • SL—Trade is closed when StopLoss is hit
  • TP—Trade is closed when TakeProfit is hit
  • MagicNumber—Order ID
  • Comment—Your comment
  • Slippage—Execute the trade within a range of x pips from the requested entry price
  • NonLossLevel—Profit after which stop loss will be moved to breakeven
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