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MAXIM Counter Trend DEMO

The trading signals provided by Maxim Counter Trend DEMO are derived from a combination of tried and tested technical analysis methodologies, to enable FX traders to take advantage of counter trend opportunities in ALL G10 currency pairs. Maxim Counter Trend is implemented as an MT4 indicator and uses the following methodologies:

  • Volume Spread Analysis (VSA).
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI).
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Cross-over.

The DEMO indicator detects ONLY bearish candlesticks to pin-point those very difficult to find counter trend opportunities. The trading signal is used with simple trading rules (provided in the user guide)- to provide you the trader with high probability trade entries, stop management and profit targets.

Maxim Counter Trend DEMO is a complementary indicator to "Maxim Market Mover" which uses trending strategies to find trading opportunities. Using both indicators together will provide you with 360 degree coverage.

Let the Maxim Counter Trend DEMO indicator do ALL the heavy lifting by deploying it in multiple G10 markets ensuring you now make more pips.


  • Counter trend sell signals.
  • User guide available (English pdf file) -  includes more examples and details. Instructions are provided at the end of the video presentation.

Both "Maxim Counter Trend DEMO" and "Market Mover DEMO" are freely available. The FULL versions are available for rent or outright purchase.

Important note: MAXIM Counter Trend DEMO indicator is a compute intensive indicator so before attaching it to a 1 hour price chart one should set the 'max bars in chart' parameter to 5000. To set this parameter select the 'TOOLS' tab in your MT4 terminal (which is on the same panel as 'FILE' and 'VIEW') then select options. This will bring up an options window. In the options window select 'CHART' , then set the 'max bars in chart' to 5000. 5000 bars equates to about 2/3 of a year of price data. If there is an excessive number of bars in your chart the indicator will consume a lot of processing power and memory.
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