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Currency Strength Visualizer

Currency Strength Visualizer (C.S.V) shows you the strength of each currency fast and intuitively in real time. You will be able to figure out which is the proper currency to trade at the moment with C.S.V.

At this moment, are you wondering when is the best timing of opening/closing position? Do you need support to determine which of currency pairs are opportune to trade on now?

You can determine the trade signal using your favorite one or two symbol charts but also overview of currency strength. You don't need to look every chart to find strong or weak trend. With C.S.V, you can easily find the best pair for trading instantly.

Definitely, C.S.V helps your trading result to improve.

From now, save your time, effort, and make your money by using C.S.V.

Key Advantage of C.S.V

  • Representing currency strength in real time.
  • Simple to check out major currency strength of market trends.
  • Automatically layout to fit on your window.
  • Simply and fast open chart on C.S.V

Target User

  • For those who prefer multi-currency trading.
  • For the trader who want to know current market status when you determine to open/close orders to improve your winning rate.
  • For those who want to know when the trend is strong and the strength of currency is getting stronger or weaker.
  • For the scalp trader using strength of currency.


  • Currency Strength = Currency strength is calculated with different symbol price in real time.
    • Red = WEAK , Green = STRONG
  • Volatility = Currency volatility calculated with relative symbol.
  • Strength Flow History = Show the history of change strength.
    • Scale of Strength history is matched on applied chart time frame and scale.
    • History line could be switched on/off.
  • Strong Pairs = Select strong pairs for each time frames.
    • Red = Short Position, Green = Long Position
    • When click the symbol, selected symbol chart will be opened.
    • Show you duration of the last strong pair.

Indicator Parameters

  • HISTORY_PERIOD - Strength History would be calculated the average with this factor. (Like MA Period)
    • If you set long period, strength history would be displayed smooth line.
    • If you set short period, it would be displayed rough line.
    • Recommended factor is 10.
  • HISTORY_DISPLAY_NO - Bar number of displayed line for strength history.
  • TEMPLATE_APPLIED - When you open symbol charts using C.S.V, input template will be applied.


  • When you apply the C.S.V on the chart, the history data will be downloaded automatically. Please wait until download completed.
  • When you change the time frame of the applied chart to see other period of strength history, the history data will be downloaded automatically to calculate required period.
  • "Set Up Guide" => Youtube channel

We will continue to update reflecting customer feedback.

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Version 2.0 - 2016.05.19
- Renew the interface of indicator
- Automatically download the history which is needed to calculate
- Be able to open chart simply and faster
- Add strength history
- Operating indicator faster than version 1.0