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Volume Analyzer Robot

This robot has been developed to test performance capabilities of the Volume Analyzer indicator (if you buy the indicator, you get the robot for free), but you can use it with any combinations of built-in indicators, namely:

The robot was tested only on demo accounts (ECN and standard). Works on candle opening.

How it works: 

You choose 2 indicators and enter a trade when their signals match each other. There are severals ways to exit the trade:

  • Receiving an opposite signal
  • Stop loss or take profit triggers
  • No signal (optional)

One indicator can be empty. In this case signals of only one indicator will be considered. The Second MA addition parameter is required only for moving averages: slow MA period will exceed fast MA period by its value.

Fixed lot has priority. If it is equal to zero, calculation will be made according to the deposit coefficient. If both values are equal to zero, lot will be minimum.

You can limit time of opening and closing trades and maximum amount of simultaneously opened trades. It sends messages about its activity in the journal (everything can be adjusted). Adjust a corresponding parameter to work on ECN.

There are two types of operation with take profit: with or without re-opening of the trade (it will wait for an opposite signal). If it is allowed to have several open orders at one time, take profit of the following one will be multiplied by the Multpicator value (i.e. it can be less or bigger than 1; it shall be equal to 1 if fixed TP is required).

It can place/move stop loss (in points) or close the trade if signals are absent.

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Version 1.1 - 2015.04.21
Modified lot calculation module to avoid an error that occurs at some brokers.