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Easy Scalper Pro

Easy Scalper Pro is a professional Expert Advisor fully optimized for EURUSD. The EA uses a simple strategy based on Moving Averages and Williams Percent Range indicators. The EA works on M5. The best results are achieved on EURUSD.

Input Parameters

  • Williams_Period — The value of Williams Percent Range indicator
  • MovingAverage_Period — The value of MA indicator
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss
  • Take_Profit — Take Profit
  • HiddenSL — Stop Loss will move to this value under certain conditions
  • TrailingStop — The value of trailing stop
  • Risk — Percentage of equity to trade
  • Lot — Fixed lot size. Leave 0 if you use risk
  • Slippage — The value of slippage
  • MaxSpread — Maximum spread value
  • MagicNumber — The magic number of the EA to make sure it doesn't mix up with other EAs
  • ECN — True if you are using an ECN account, False if you are using a non-ECN account/Standard account. It's not a problem to set it to True on all account types.
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Noel Nobleza
Noel Nobleza 2016.09.03 10:35 

Not trading for very long time.

Ahmet Minaz
Ahmet Minaz 2016.06.11 16:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2016.02.14 09:30 

Tried it once.

Version 3.0 2015.09.14
Fixed error
Version 2.0 2015.07.22
Added the new parameter "Max_orders = 3".
Now, you can choose how many positions can be opened at the same time.