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Candle Scalper

The Candle Scalper EA is based on analysis of N previous candles to determine targets of the trade which is going to be opened at this moment. Size of the previous candle body and High - Open (Low - Open) values are compared with the next candle. This ratio determines take profit value. Stop loss is determined by maximum size of a candle opposite to the opening trade within the specified period. Trades are opened after opening of each new candle provided that there are not any open trades and the previous candle body is in accord with KoeffCandles parameter.


  • ManualLot - fixed lot size.
  • AutoLot - dynamic lot (0 - disabled).
  • AnalysisDepth - number of candles for analysis.
  • KoeffCandles - this coefficient determines size of the candle body used for analysis towards average size of the candle body within the specified period. Candles with small disappearing bodies can not be used.
  • DeltaSL - number of points by which stop loss exceeds size of the biggest candle within the specified period.
  • KoeffTake - take profit value expressed in size of the previous candle body.
  • MagicNumber - unique number of the EA's trades.
  • Slippage - acceptable slippage.

It is recommended to use the EA on Н1 and М15.

.set files are attached and I plan to update them regularly for different pairs.

Mikhail Konov
2015.04.15 11:45 

Очень достойный робот за такие деньги.

Version 1.1 - 2015.04.10
MaxSpread parameter was added.
Algorithm was improved.
The conflict at multicurrency trading was fixed.