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Manual Order Interface allows to open orders with preset TP, SL and Lot in one click. It was developed for scalping. You can also enter different values for two types of orders. You can also open two orders with different TP, SL and Lot values in one click if necessary.

Note: you have to set TP and SL, and their values cannot be less than allowed by your DC. Information concerning allowed Stop Level and the current spread is displayed in the upper left corner after the EA has been installed.

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.03.01 20:55 

This EA does exactly what it promises. Four on-screen boxes are configured separately by the user to make instant orders of stardard user choices of lots, stop loss and profit targets. I have used it on about 300 trades and it has not failed to deliver.


The setup is clean and simple and no help was required.


I posted some screen shots of my trading on my profile with the MOI clearly visible if you want to see how it looks.


One suggestion: Allow the user to select the number of boxes to use for separate charts. I use all four for my main trading CFD and pairs trading but for some commodities I don't need four setups and the boxes get in the way when I put several charts up in tile format.

Version 4.1 2015.07.21
Added ability to set four trading panels. You can minimize an unwanted panel clicking on the upper right corner of this panel.
Version 3.5 2015.04.27
Added different magic numbers for each block of buttons.
Version 2.2 2015.04.07
Minor changes to work correctly with some brokers.