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Scalper Pad with MA Angle for Binary Option

This application is intended to help Binary Option Traders to trade using MT4 platform with brokers which support MT4 as one of their trading platforms. Several parameters are included in this application:

  1. Lot—Amount to be risked.
  2. Expiry—Binary option expiration.
  3. Show Signal—True if you want to use a built-in signaling system.
  4. MA Period—Days to calculate moving average.
  5. MA Shift—Offset of moving average calculated from the current candle.
  6. MA Method—A method to calculate moving average.
  7. Apply to—Price where expert will be applied to.
  8. Bar Shift—Bar offset from the current bar to find MA value.

We also add built-in MA angle calculation to help novice traders to read the trend's tendency easily. Thus, this application is very helpful in Binary Option Trading environment.

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