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TrendValuerTrading is a modification of the free TrendValuer Expert Advisor: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/7011.

The standard set of functions allowing the trading robot to work on a real market has been added. ModeHuru mode has been removed from the options. Now, the EA evaluates a trend and performs trades on its own according to a user's strategy instead of simply providing recommendations.

How to use the Expert Advisor:

  • attach the EA to the required symbol window;
  • set the values of the parameters according to your own trading strategy (test the EA in the strategy tester to find the most efficient values).
Note! The following condition should be met for the correct EA operation: "Only one EA should be launched on a single symbol per a trade account".

The values of the following parameters are important in the EA operation:

  • Awareness_and_Acceptance_of_Risk - risk acceptance by the user (user's awareness and consent to accept the risk). Without this, the EA runs only in the tester;
  • SLIPPAGE - allowed slippage in trading;
  • PeriodCalc - the number of bars in history, used by the EA to analyze the trend (recommended 10-20);
  • LongTermComponent - enable (On)/disable (Of) the analysis of the long-term market trends;
  • MiddleTermComponent - enable (On)/disable (Of) the analysis of the mid-term market trends;
  • MediumTermComponent - enable (On)/disable (Of) the analysis of the mid- and short-term market trends;
  • KP - the EA sensibility, i.e. the minimum trend strength to identify a movement as a trend (better 40-90);
  • KSL - stop loss in minimum accepted stop levels;
  • KTP - stop loss in minimum accepted stop levels; 
  • FixLot - if it exceeds 0, it sets a fixed lot trading mode. The lot size is min_lot*FixLot;
  • RPM - if the value exceeds 0, while FixLot=0, it sets a trading mode using a certain part of the free margin (in % of the free margin);
  • LimitBackDownON - enable (On)/disable (Of) the "anti roll-back" mode. The mode is a kind of a trailing stop: if the price moves a certain distance towards the specified TP level and then reverses without reaching it, this mode allows you to fix the profit by closing a trade;
  • OfTheWayToTP - a distance an open position price should pass in profitable direction in order for the "anti roll-back" to be activated (in % of ТР);
  • LimitBackDown - price roll-back from the highest price level achieved (in profitable direction), at which a position is closed to fix a profit (in % of ТР);
  • I_have_enough - the more profitable trades are made, the higher the probability that the next trade turns out to be a loss-making one. As the amount of potential profit grows, the funds that are put to risk increase as well. If you realize that you already have enough profit, set the I_have_enough parameter to the value, after reaching which the EA stops its trading activity (this is done when no open positions are present), so that you can withdraw a part of your funds and change your trading strategy if necessary.

The EA shows more correct signals than false ones. Therefore, you have a good chance of efficient trading providing that you have selected an optimal strategy and proper money management. Good luck!

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