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NightSystem EA

Let me introduce a new scalper which works at night when price fluctuation is not sizable.

  • The EA needs a broker with low night spreads to work properly.
  • Minimum deposit is 100$.
  • Recommended time frame is 15М.
  • To make the EA setting more flexible we placed a part of parameters in settings. Other parameters are calculated automatically.
  • We recommend to run the EA on volatile pairs without sharp rises.


1. General parameters

  • сomment – comment to order opening.
  • expiration – slippage in points.
  • MagicNumber – unique order number (required to distinguish orders opened by this EA from other orders)

2. Trading parameters

  • MM - enable/disable automatic lot management (money manager).
  • MaximumRisk – risk to manage the lot.
  • MaxSpread – value of maximum spread in points with which the EA will open a trade.
  • StartHour – start hour to trade.
  • StopHour - stop hour to trade.
  • Lots – lot for trading when MM is disabled.
  • TP – Take Profit value in points.
  • SL – Stop Loss value in points

3. Parameters of signals to open/close positions

  • рeriod – period used to calculate the channel.
  • сorridorpips – minimum channel width in points to perform a trade.
  • PipsTraid – height of the price overrunning the channel to open a position.
  • PipsClose – height of the price overrunning the channel to close a position.

4. Trailing Stop parameters

  • Trailingstop – enable/disable Trailing Stop.
  • start – distance in points from the open price for Trailing Stop.
  • shag – Trailing Stop step.
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Version 1.2 2015.04.03
Version 1.2
Improved the market entry algorithm.
Version 1.1 2015.04.01
countBars and Nremoved parameters are moved to the settings.
countBars - number of bars from history to detect the channel.
Nremoved - number of times the price leaves the channel for making trading decisions.
It is recommended to change these parameters within 0....30 during the optimization.