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Dancing Dragon

The EA's operation principle lies in the fact that when the price moves against the position after it passes a certain distance an opposite order with increased lot is placed. And when the price keeps moving, it outweighs loss and moves in profitable direction.

The EA places positions using three filters which enable the EA not to make entry during flat. It is known that the price passes a considerable distance after flat period. The EA takes advantage of this fact. It makes no difference where the price moves even if it changes its direction several times.

The EA has a lot of settings so you can set it for any instrument.

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Input Parameters:

  • BB one signal - 1 BB signal, repeated signal after narrowing and widening
  • MA one signal - 1 MA signal, repeated signal after narrowing and widening
  • Close profit(false), close TP(true) - enable closing orders after gaining profit (false), otherwise they are closed according to TP (true)
  • Profit - profit at which all trades are closed
  • Step Profit - step of adding to profit from each open order
  • K2 - the second order multiplication factor
  • K3 - the third order multiplication factor
  • K4 - the forth order multiplication factor
  • Kn - the fifth order multiplication factor
  • n - number of an order from which Kn is applied
  • Step - step between orders
  • Channel - channel narrowing/widening from open orders
  • Mode - if true, opening is performed on the following bar, otherwise the current bar is used
  • Filter - if true, any one filter is taken into consideration, if false, all filters should generate an entry signal
  • Filter BB - Bollinger Bands filter
  • Filter MA - Moving Averages filter
  • Filter MaxMin - extremum breakthrough filter
  • Distance BB - distance between upper and lower Bollinger Bands
  • Period BB, Deviations BB, Shift BB, Apply to, BB - Bollinger Bands indicator settings
  • Distance MA - distance between Moving Averages
  • Period, Sift, Method, Apply to - Moving Average indicator settings
  • Bar MaxMin - number of bars being analyzed to search MAX and MIN
  • Distance MaxMIn - indent from the highest or the lowest prices
  • Auto Lot - automated lot calculation
  • Coef autolot - ratio for lot calculation
  • Lot - lot if auto lot is disabled
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop
  • Trailing Step - trailing step
  • Trailing Size - indent from order to enable trailing
  • TakeProfit - take profit if there is one order
  • TakeProfit 2 - breakeven or total take profit for all orders
  • Slip - slippage
  • Magic - EA's magic number
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