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ONEpair Balance ProfitLoss Control

ONEpair Balance ProfitLoss Control is an Expert Advisor that controls profit\loss of one symbol regardless of the number of opened positions and reversals. The Expert Advisor closes position (Pair) when the profit\loss value specified in percentage or deposit currency is reached.

The Expert Advisor has built-in functions that allow considering the profit/loss obtained as a result of reversals (considerINOUT) and the trade history (considerHistory). The functions are used for reversing and closing positions partially.

When the considerHistory=true function is enabled, the Expert Advisor calculates profit considering partially closed positions in history. When the considerINOUT=true function is enabled, profit is calculated considering reversals and partially closed positions up to the very first entry.

To disable history consideration during profit\loss calculation, you should disable the considerHistory=false function, at that the considerINOUT function will be ignored. Thus, only the current profit of open position will be considered.

There are notification functions: Alert, Mail, Sound, Mobile, display of information (the current Expert Advisor calculation data). Exit settings in percentage and deposit currency are available for profitable and unprofitable positions (not used when 0). Exit in percentage is calculated as a ratio of the position profit and the current balance. Thus, when changing the balance, the percentage will be adjusted.

The Expert Advisor settings:

  • Pair - symbol of a controlled position;
  • considerHistory=true - profit is calculated considering partially closed positions;
  • considerINOUT=true - profit is calculated considering position reversals;
  • SlippageClose - slippage of close price;
  • CommentClose - comment for positions;
  • PercentLoss - close positions with the loss specified as a percentage of the current balance;
  • MoneyLoss - close positions with the loss specified in deposit currency;
  • PercentProfit - close positions with the profit specified as a percentage of the current balance;
  • MoneyProfit - close positions with the profit in deposit currency;
  • _ShowInfo - displays the following information in the chart: profit of positions found in history, the current profit of position, total profit, percentage value calculated using the current balance;
  • Color_text - text color in the chart;
  • size_text - text size in the chart;
  • _Alert - message that informs that the position is going to be closed;
  • _Sound - audio message that informs that the position is going to be closed;
  • name_sound_loss - sound played when closing with loss;
  • name_sound_profit - sound played when closing with profit;
  • _Mail - sending message on e-mail at successful closing of all positions;
  • _mobile - sending push notifications to the mobile terminals, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the "Notifications" tab, if position closed successfully.
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