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Fractals Wave Rider

Fractal Wave Rider EA uses fractals for trading. This EA checks fractals on three different timeframes for trading signals. If the entry signal is confirmed on all timeframes the trade is entered. Usage on EURUSD is recommended, but this EA can be optimized to run on other symbols.


  • Uses fractals as indicator for entry signals
  • Profit trailing
  • Auto detection of 4 and 5 digit symbols
  • Averaging to turn losing trades into winners (can be disable)


  • Lot size: fixed lot size for trading
  • Stop loss: stop loss in pips
  • Trailing start: pips in profit to start trailing
  • Trailing stop distance: distance for trailing stop
  • Timeframe 1: first timeframe to check for entry signals
  • Timeframe 2: second timeframe to check for entry signals
  • Timeframe 3: third timeframe to check for entry signals
  • Start averaging at distance: the distance in pips to start averaging if the trade is in loss. This value must be lower than stop loss value, otherwise SL is hit.
  • Magic number: the magic number
  • Comment: you can change this comment


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Version 1.2 2015.03.19
- New: Version of the EA is now displayed next to its name
- New: Added check for enough free margin before an order is opened
- Fixed: entry signal was used sometimes multiple times