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Fractal D1

Fractal D1 is a new generation Expert Advisor based on the Ichimoku indicator. It is optimized for trading USDJPY D1.

Structure of the EA operation:

The EA receives very accurate signals from Ichimoku and is based only on a candle analysis combined with the Japanese indicator. The expert makes about 12 trades per year and wins ~ 92% of transactions. The EA does not use tick data for analysis, not fussy to wide spreads and slippage that makes it possible to work with majority of Forex brokers on USDJPY.

The robot is fully automated. It is recommended to use the ECN and VPS.

The result of demo testing on real history ticks (USDJPY D1) with default parameters: from $1500$ to $15,868 for 11 months (2014.07.25 - 2015.06.25).

Please note that backtesting has been performed with a fixed lot.

Input Parameters:

  • LotSize — lot size
  • GMTShift — set to your GMT zone
  • StopTradingOnFriday (true/false) — if true, the EA will not trade on Friday
  • FridayCloseTime — period when the EA stop trading (if StopTradingOnFriday = true)
  • Minprofithint (true/false) — if true, the EA will close orders with minimum profit
  • MinProfit — minimum profit in points
  • Maxlosshint — if true, the EA will close orders with maximum loss
  • Maxloss — maximum breakeven in points
  • UseTrailing — if true, the EA will use trailing
  • TrailingStop — trailing stop value
  • TrailingStep — trailing step value
  • Slippage — maximum slippage
  • TenkanSen — period of the Tenkan line of the Ichimoku indicator
  • KijunSen — period of the Kijun line of the Ichimoku indicator
  • SenkouSpanB — period of the Senkou Span B line of the Ichimoku indicator
  • IgnoreKijun — if true, Kijun's signals will be ignored
  • IgnoreTenkan — if true, Tenkan's signals will be ignored
  • IgnoreSenkou — if true, Senkou's signals will be ignored
  • IgnoreChikou — if true, Chikou''s signals will be ignored

We will be glad to help you and consult you on ANY ISSUE connected with our products.

To achieve the best trading result we recommend to use 5-digit quotes in Bid / Ask values (example: 0.12345)

MaxPips Max
MaxPips Max 2016.02.13 15:22 

the expert advisor does not work because there is a bug in the program when it restarts the mt4 platform, it opens orders ... as long as there is no update, there will be a star, do not bought the expert advisor...