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NOTE: The screenshot is a .gif of 15 separate symbol profit graphs, wait for it to load or download it to view it faster.

Abbracci uses the custom indicator "linearregressionline.ex5" which can be viewed and downloaded here: https://www.mql5.com/en/code/1926 and must be in your MT5 platform's indicator folder for this trading robot to work. You can also download it in the comments section.

Strategy in a nutshell

A regression line is used to detect trend. If the trend is up, trades enter somewhere below the line and exit somewhere above it. If the trend is down, trades enter somewhere above the line and exit somewhere below it. If the trend changes while a trade is open, for example from up trend to down trend, and there is an open buy, then at the next sell signal the robot will reverse the position somewhere above the line. And vice-versa. Other indicators are used for dynamic entries and exits: the d+ and d- indices of the average directional index and the average true range indicator.

I've fully tested it on the 15 symbols created from the 6 currencies: EUR GBP AUD NZD USD and CAD and you can view the full testing records which are downloadable in the comments section.

Inputs and Optimization

  • The start-step-stop values I've placed on the variables sum to 2500 total optimization passes for each symbol.
  • The robot only considers trading at the start of an M1 bar. This means you can and should test on M1 "open prices only" for faster testing. "Every Tick" mode will produce the same results, but it's just slow and a waste of time, check for yourself. Every-tick mode only matters on robots that process every tick. This robot trades only on one minute bar opening ticks.
  • Lot: This is a fixed lot system with no automatic lot-size changes, no increasing volume, no martingale. Only the fixed lot can be open on any symbol at any time.
  • Bars Calculated: The number of bars that linear regression is performed over. Optimize this from 10 to 1000 in steps of 10 (or 5, 1, 20, whatever you are comfortable with optimization-wise)
  • Entry Factor: optimize from 1 to 5 in steps of 1. Only affects the entry signal.
  • Exit Factor: optimize from 1 to 5 in steps of 1. Only affects the exit signal.
  • Fake Stop-loss: The trading strategy naturally limits loss, exploits gain especially in trends and doesn't really need a stop-loss. However, as we all saw during the CHF crisis, extreme circumstances can happen so I add this "fake" stop-loss which while the platform is connected keeps the fake stop-loss at least this distance away from the current price so that it would only be triggered if the platform is disconnected or if the price jumps an insane distance in the wrong direction. No such limitation is placed on extreme jumps in a profitable direction.

Note: The default settings are the same as the .set file for EURUSD

Make sure that "linearregressionline.ex5" is in the correct folder. This folder in Windows 7 should look something like:


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