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StrikeFx is a multicurrency martingale Expert Advisor (EA) of a new generation. In this EA, we do not use any grid with a fixed distance between the trading orders. The distance between the orders can be arbitrary large and the time interval between the orders can also be arbitrary large. The EA constantly analyzes the market conditions and adds new orders to the basket only if it is really necessary and, doing so, enters the market by the best price. The take profit of the basket is constantly re-adjusted according to the market conditions.

The EA can exit the market with a small loss in situations when the market "falls down" and price covers a large distance in short time.

The unique feature of this EA is the multicurrency trading with risk control. StrikeFx contains a specialized Control Center, which monitors the number of trading pairs, the number of trading currencies and the direction of trades. Based on this information, the EA allows or prohibits opening new baskets. The EA can fixate the losses, if the open drawdown on one pair reaches the maximal allowed value. In such situation, the EA places the full lock on the basket and stops. Alternatively, the EA can close all open orders and a stop.



  • BuySell - this flag blocks opening new baskets. 
  • CloseAllNow - close all open orders immediately.
  • SetName - the name of the set file.
  • TF - working timeframe.
  • PeriodMA - period of MA.
  • PriceMA - price of MA.
  • MethodMA - method of MA.
  • ATRPeriod - period of ATR.
  • Entry - parameter of the first entry.
  • Exit - parameter of the exit.
  • TPfirst - take profit of the first order.
  • LotMult - lot increase parameter.
  • MinGridStep - minimal distance between the orders.
  • MinTimeStep - minimal time between the orders.
  • MinDepth - parameter of additional entries.
  • MaxLevels - maximal allowed number of orders in the basket.
  • MaxSpread - maximal spread.
  • UseLimitOrders – use limit orders.
  • FirstOrderSL - virtual stop loss of the first order.
  • FreezeHours - freeze time if the stop loss of the first order was hit.
  • LotSize - starting lot (if AutoMM = FALSE).
  • AutoMM (TRUE/FALSE) - when AutoMM is enabled, the starting lot will be automatically set up as starting lot = LotSize *(account balance)/AutoMMEquity.
  • AutoMMEquity - parameter of AutoMM.
  • UseLock (TRUE/FALSE) - use lock to fixate the losses.
  • MaxDD - maximal open drawdown allowed for trading, in units of the base currency. 
  • MaxDDPerCent - the same as MaxDD, but in percents of the account balance. 
  • MaxDDAutoMMEquity - automatic recalculation of the maximal drawdown for the AutoMM regime. 
  • Magic - magic number of orders.
  • MagicLock - magic number of lock orders.
  • ControlCenterMode (TRUE/FALSE) - if TRUE, the Control Center mode is enabled.
  • MaxPairs - maximal number of the currency pairs traded simultaneously.
  • MaxPairsPerCurrency - maximal number of the CURRENCIES traded simultaneously in one direction (buy or sell). 
  • FreezeDDPerCent - maximal open drawdown, for which opening of new baskets are allowed.
  • HistoryPeriod - time period for display of statistics on closed trades.
  • RefreshSeconds - refresh statistics not quicker than RefreshSeconds.
  • MagicAdd, MagicLockAdd - if not 0, Control Center will control orders with these magics as well.
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