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DI Buy Sell Pending Grid

The assistant will be useful for those who trade by news and those who place an order grid. It allows placing up to 10 pending orders in a rapid manner (from 1 to 5 in each direction). At that every order should be set individually.

A price of a pending order placing should also be set in points from a current price.


  • BuyStop Send - placing pending Buy orders
  • SellStop Send - placing pending Sell orders
  • Send Order - necessity of opening an order (for the second and the next orders)
  • Take Profit - locking profit in the symbol points (for each of 5 orders)
  • Stop Loss - locking loss in the symbol points (for each of 5 orders)
  • Lot Size - position volume (for each of 5 orders)
  • Open Order Interval - order placing interval, from the market price (for each of 5 orders)
  • Expiration Date - order expiration time (for each of 5 orders)
  • Comments - comments to an order (for each of 5 orders)
  • slippage - slippage in points (for each of 5 orders)
  • Magic - EA magic number
  • Enable Trailing - enable trailing stop
  • Trailing Signal - deviation from the price for the trailing to trigger
  • Trailing Level - new Stop Loss. If the value is negative, Stop Loss is moved to breakeven
Francis Dogbe
2016.04.21 06:42 

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Version 1.30 - 2015.12.23
Version 1.30
- Fixed a bug with zero values of Take Profit and Stop Loss