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Digital Detector

Digital Detector is an intelligent system for forecasting the short-term behavior of a financial instrument based on numerical methods for recognizing price patterns. The indicator uses multiple fundamentally different ways of identifying market segments. Forecasting is performed by summing up the forecast fragments for all identified patterns, which allows minimizing the overall error of the forecast.

Adjustable Parameters

  • StartBar - the initial bar;
  • MethodDetecting - pattern identification method;
  • LengthPattern - pattern length in bars;
  • LengthForecast - forecast length in bars;
  • History - history depth in bars;
  • Conformity - coefficient of conformity;
  • NumberPatternDisplays - the number of patterns to calculate the summary forecast;
  • MethodDisplay - forecast drawing method;
  • ColorClouds - color of the forecast divergence lines;
  • ColorLines - color of the main forecast line.
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