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Before developing MegaForexEA, I programmed 42 strategies based on my knowledge. The easiest thing was done, however, it was still necessary to test them. So, I downloaded archives for complete historical data from 2001 to 2014 and ran backtests. I decided to test each strategy separately at BUY and SELL. For each currency pair, I realized the backtest with very specific criteria. Each strategy is independent of one another, each strategy has its own TP.

I managed to create a stable Expert Advisor. Lots of strategies use Ichimoku indicator. In terms of other indicators, I use only the basics of indicators.

The most significant updates were made in this ultimate version 4.2 of MegaForexEA.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


  • IsMicroAccount - set to True to make lots 0.0X
  • FixedLots - set the desired lot size
  • AutoLotSize - if True, the EA opens 0.01 lot/$500
  • Slippage - determines the maximum slippage allowed for an order
  • ClosePartialOrdersinSequence - close all trades if the EA is trying to open a trade X, where X is the value set in "NumberofOrdersToClose"
  • NumberofOrdersToClose - set a number of orders to close before taking into account "ClosePartialOrdersinSequence" or "CloseOldestOrderOnRecovery" parameters
  • CloseOldestOrderOnRecovery - close only the first trades if the EA is trying to open a trade X, where X is the value set in "NumberofOrdersToClose"
  • MaxNumberofPositions - amount of strategies that may be simultaneously BUY and SELL
  • MagicNumberShort - Magic Number, must be identical to the one set in "MagicNumberLong"
  • MagicNumberLong - Magic Number, must be identical to the one set in "MagicNumberShort"

The rest of the parameters are different strategies.


We recommend that you leave the default settings, except the lot size that can be changed!

If you still want to change the settings, I suggest that you do backtests first.

Joel Simmons
2016.12.30 21:23 

Original Review 2015.06.13

Out of the 9 trading EA’s I purchased, I will say this is my 2nd best. I will admit at first I was ticked at author because this EA is watered down version of what he uses on signal account. However after running it for about a month, it has high win ratio and minimizes losses. It was tried on 3 different broker accounts. Well worth the money.

Updated 12/30/2016

I removed the EA from my VPS heading into 2017. It lost all the gains it made plus more.

prapansak Chunhawarakorn
2015.07.03 15:47 

I use this EA but the EA is normal EA not more benifit


Version 6.3 - 2015.05.27
Version 5.1 of MegaForexEA experienced problems which caused a significant loss of capital on May 2015. I have optimized MegaForexEA to minimize the losses, there will be a maximum of 3 positions permitted for each BUY, the same rules for SELL.

I have a great hope that this version 6.3 of MegaForexEA will be much more stable. The previous version nevertheless proved that the strategies were good, the fault was at the security level, problem corrected in this version 6.3.

>>>>> Version 6.3 is active from 05.25.2015 <<<<<
Version 5.1 - 2015.05.11
Corrected small bug in strategy "SELL 12".
Version 5.0 - 2015.02.17
Added a tight trailing stop to take advantage of any great movement.