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S trend Bars

Forex is a business of making profits, and profits are only made when we ride the trend. S trend Bars is an indicator that uses a complex combination of Stochastic and Standard deviation calculation to display histogram signals. The algorithm used in S trend Bars results in bars that actually represent the trend with a 75% to 85% probability.

Using the Indicator

Buy when the bar changes from red or dark maroon to green/dark green.

Sell when the bar changes from green or dark green to red/dark maroon.

The indicator should be used on M5 and M15 charts only.


1. Non-repainting indicator.

2. Compatible with M5 and M15 timefames.

3. The indicator has the following alert systems:

  • Email Notification: Sends signals to your email
  • Push Notification: Sends signals to your mobile
  • Alert: Displays Alert with a sound on the chart

The notification systems can be enabled or disabled in the input menu.

Note: "S trend Bars" is a unique indicator with very good signals. Check out the video to see "S trend Bars" in action.

2015.01.17 18:10 

Made 3 trades with this indicator already and all closed in profit. The lowest profit so far is 30 pips. Nice indicator. Will give more update with subsequent trades

2015.01.17 18:04 

good indicator

Version 1.1 - 2015.04.13
Fixed a bug on the email alert. All alerts are now in perfect condition.