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Whirlwind Volume MT4

This is an indicator based on 3 different types of volume calculations displayed as an oscillator. It can help to find market tops and bottoms through divergences and patterns as shown on the screenshots, and it also helps to visualize trend directions. From my experience, it reacts faster than RSI and other similar indicators.


  • ExtPeriod—The amount of bars to calculate the indicator on (default value: 14).
  • ShowPureVolume—If true, the buffer based only on volume is displayed (default value: true).
  • ShowVolumePower—If true, the buffer based on volume and price movement is displayed (default value: true).
  • ShowVolumePowerTops—If true, the buffer based on volume and price highs and lows is displayed (default value: false).

You can have all 3 buffers or just 1 of them activated at any time.

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