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  • The robot has been tested on a dollar demo account with GBPUSD.
  • Fenix is a trading robot. It is fully automated. It independently opens and closes trades.
  • For getting better results, all parameters are set automatically. You do not need to optimize the EA or try different combinations of input parameters.
  • Trading can be successful with any deposit at your option.
  • The chart's period does not influence on profitability.

Recommendations on Usage

  • Fenix allows to close trades manually. But only if the trade profit is 30% of the deposit. Less is unadvisable.
  • Never open trades by yourself. You can lose all profit.
  • Fenix opens one trade per 24 hours.
  • Use fast dedicated servers in Data Centers to trade 24 hours a day.

From the Developer

  • The EA uses unique technologies which have never been applied to anything else.
  • Do not test Fenix on the history. Open a dollar demo account and attach the robot to the GBPUSD chart.
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Version 150.927 - 2015.09.28
Changing the entry point
Version 150.922 - 2015.09.23
The expectation period is improved.
Version 150.902 - 2015.09.03
The EA ignores orders opened by other EAs. It works only with its own orders.