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The Expert Advisor is a combination of two scalping strategies. The first strategy is based on the inertia of the discrete momentum, the second one - on the price consolidation zone breakthrough.

Primarily designed for trading classic currency pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD. But you can easily adapt it to other symbols to increase the number of trades and, as a consequence, increase results. Timeframe M1 is used, but you can run it on any timeframe. Works with 4 and 5-digit quotes and ECN accounts. Used MM - flat-fractional method by R. Jones.

The author will sincerely love his customers and ensures constant interaction, timely technical support, advice and free updates.

These are scalping strategies, so the requirements for rapid execution of trades are relevant. Of course, you must carefully choose a broker with a good reputation, with a low spread (preferably fixed, PRO-accounts, ECN), have excellent Internet connection or VPS.

How to Use

The EA does not require any special optimization - the system is stable. All the optimizable parameters are within the area of ​​the normal distribution.

Small changes in the parameters lead to a redistribution of risk-reward.

Perform optimization for a certain period six months before the current date to see changes in the back and forward tests. Characteristics of returns behavior will be the same.

2015.02.08 17:16   

big scam.....be far..

backtest has nothing to do with real trades...Showing miracles in backtest but disasterous on real account....

He will ask you to use an unknown broker called devin.com

I don't know how MQL5 allows scammers like this to rob people

большая афера ..... далеко ..

Backtest не имеет ничего общего с реальными торгов ... Показаны чудеса в Backtest, но катастрофические на реальных счет ....

Он попросит вас использовать неизвестный брокера под названием devin.com

Я не знаю, как MQL5 позволяет мошенникам, как это грабить людей

Version 1.4 - 2015.01.19
Added control of maximum level of spread
Version 1.2 - 2015.01.16
Added changes to internal parameters.
I have previously forgotten to turn internal parameters into external ones, which prevented users from correct testing on pairs having larger volatility than at Euro.

extern int ReverseMin_Ex = 10;
extern int ReverseMax_Ex = 22;

extern int ReverseMin_Br = 10;
extern int ReverseMax_Br = 22.