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JimDandy Control Panel

This handy tool has over 30 functions!
Instead of having to right-click to open menus to get to the settings, just click the mouse instead. If you spend as much time looking through charts as I do, you will love this little tool! It takes some of the aggravation out of your trading.

With a single click you can show/hide the following elements:

  1. Bid Line
  2. Ask Line
  3. Grid
  4. Volume
  5. Period Separation Lines
  6. OHLC
  7. Trade Levels
  8. Candles
  9. Bars
  10. Line Chart
  11. Zoom In
  12. Zoom Out
  13. Toggle Chart Shift and
  14. Auto Scroll
  15. Disable/Enable Trade Parameter Dragging, so that you don't accidentally move a Stop Loss, Take Profit or Pending Order
  16. Navigate to Beginning or
  17. End of Chart or
  18. step forward
  19. step backward
  20. Choose from 9 different timeframes (especially useful if you have an Apple machine with no home, end, or page up/down buttons)
  21. M1
  22. M5
  23. M15
  24. M30
  25. H1
  26. H4
  27. D1
  28. W1
  29. MN1
    Display the following data:
  30. Date
  31. Current local time
  32. Server time
  33. It will let you know if you have disabled your AutoTrading. The server time will flash red.
  34. Easy to position on the chart with the corner handles and the side, top and bottom handles.
    It will remember where you left it when you re-open it.

Don't underestimate the power of this little panel. It contains over 1 200 lines of code.

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 11:30 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Rabbitpips 2015.04.17 02:58 

I tested it and it works fine. Good tool.

Version 2.0 2015.05.22
In version 2.0 I have modified the code so that when the control panel is dropped on a chart it will now modify the button positions to a pushed or un-pushed condition to reflect the condition of the chart the panel was dropped on.

For instance, when you drop the control panel on a H4 chart that has the Period Separators, Volumes and Chart shift engaged, the control panel will be initialized with the buttons that control the H4, Sep Lines, Volume and Chart Shift in the pushed position to reflect what settings are already active on the chart.

With version 1.00 all buttons initialized un-pushed until the user clicked on them. This was sometimes confusing and made it harder to discern the charts current settings at a glance.