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Lancelot HEETS      1. is an Expert Advisor that tries to process small price fluctuations (scalping) 2. if he does not get the Take Profit starts automatically a recovery algorithm 3. The EA starts from the front The "Lancelot HEETS" achieves an astonishing performance at a moderate risk and is equally suitable for beginners and advanced traders. An excellent EA from Forex Soul              
The EA uses a customizable breakout in the trend direction as an entry point. in the event that the price is not confirmed by the market, the EA searches and waits for a cheap entry to determine the average value for a profit. a special feature is : - that the EA itself determines the average best achievable profit on the basis of the swings for each single and basket positions. - DD reduce control as a result all baskets and individual positions are closed in profit. we recommend all time frame
The "Never Be Wrong" indicator beware of opening in the wrong direction. The indicator uses the histogram of the MACD to determine a momentum in the direction of the trend. The indicator compares its results with a higher time ratio and gives confirmation of a trend direction. very easy to use but reliable and clear confirmation of your trades. Green Bar = only long trades allowed Red bar = only short trades allowed Blue bar = long and shoert trade allowed Black bar = no trade allowed how to u