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Mercury VN

The Mercury trading robot is a low-risk Expert Advisor, which is based on a simple strategy. It uses the values of standard indicators MACD, CCI and Moving Average.

Moving Average is used to track the trend, and when the signal is confirmed by MACD and CCI level crossover, the EA opens an order and sets Stop Loss and Take Profit. Trailing Stop is applied to all trades to reduce risks to a minimum. Recommended currency pair: EURUSD. Timeframe H1.

Key Characteristics of the EA:

  • Money Management - 4 variants of the money management function:
    • MM 0: fixed lot;
    • MM 1: aggressive;
    • MM 2: moderate;
    • MM 3: conservative;
  • Number of open orders at a time: 1;
  • Automatically adjusting for 4-5 digits brokers;
  • Slippage - used slippage.
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