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A trend indicator that shows the direction of pivot points. It can be used with an optimal risk to reward ratio. The probability of a success trend is very high. The indicator uses arrows to show favorable time to enter the market and market entry directions. Uses only one adjustable parameter (a value from 1 to 3). Take profit is much larger than stop loss! The indicator works on all currency pairs and time frames.

Jean-Sebastien Laurent
2014.12.22 20:08 

Arrows repaint hardly, i tried to discuss with author, and he joked on me...

Where is the interest to post several chart with arrows (without alerts) if it repaints hardly ...

He replied me : learn

Ok, so give me tools and info and tutorial to learn your indicator and how to trade..., but none answer.

For me, he takes us for silly

-"Welcome to the bar which appears an arrow? You can work on your video display?"

-"An arrow appears directly on the bar which shows. No videos."