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A simple script to close multiple market orders.


  • ClossAll - If this parameter is set to true, all orders (Buy, Sell, Pending orders) are close. This parameter supercedes every other.
  • CloseBuyOders - Closes only Buy orders. If 'CloseOnlyProfit is set to true it closes only Buy positions in profit.
  • CloseSellOrders - Closes only Sell Orders. If 'CloseOnlyProfit' is set to true it closes only Sell positions in profit.
  • CloseBuyLimits - Delete all BuyLimit pending orders if set to true.
  • CloseSellLimit - Delete all SellLimit pending orders if set to true.
  • CloseOnlyProfit - Will close only trades in profit. If 'CloseAll' is set to true, this parameter will be ignored and all trades will be closed.
  • Slippage - The minimum allow Slippage. Leave current settings intact if unsure of slippage to apply.
Francis Dogbe
2016.04.16 15:27 

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Version 1.1 - 2014.12.12
- Bugs fixed.
- Better and informative error handling.
- Fixed skipping Order indexes.
- Better Performance.