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Forex Multiple Strategy System

"Forex Multiple Strategy System" is an EA with Multi-Strategy Orders System and Multi-Symbols.

Best Timeframe for perform is Daily.

Attention!!! The EA can work on all symbols of your broker! That is dangerous because can expose more money that you think!
The EA works with multi symbols - so backtest is not accurate in performance.

Image of BackTest for 10 Month of EURUSD is only illustrative, using the major 8 SYMBOL performance is about 2% account balance at daily.

Options for Select Symbols and Risk Management:

  • Symbols Prefix and Symbol Suffix is used for broker that have Prefix or Suffix on Symbols.
  • If Symbols only in Symbols List is set to True, Symbols List my contain a list of symbol to use, es. "EURUS,GBPUSD,USDJPY,USDCAD".
  • If Symbol only on Market Watch Symbols is set to True, EA use only symbols in Market Watch.
  • If use only Current Symbol is set to True, EA use only Symbol on Chart.
  • Order Lots % on Balance indicate for all Strategy how much risk it takes.

Next we attach a signal to this EA so you can see performance really and can buy only signal instead of this EA.

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Version 1.59 2015.02.03
Modified Code for Fast Execution
Better Pairs List Performance
Improved Orders Management
Can Make More % Month with New Symbols List