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Adaptive MACD

Advisor to the MACD indicator using averaging open positions. It is recommended to use brokers with low spreads and low latency VPS. The minimum deposit is $100.


  • BalanceRisk—Payment of the balance of trade of the lot.
  • MinLot—Minimum lot if BalanceRisk = 0.
  • LotMultiplier—Multiplier lot at drawdown.
  • ProfitClose—% profit on the balance for the closing of all transactions.
  • DrawdownClose—% drawdown of the balance to the closing of all transactions.
  • Trailing—Start trailing in% of balance.
  • TrailingStep—Trailing step in% of balance.
  • DrawdownStep—Step for averaging positions with loss.
  • StepMultiplier—Multiplication factor of step positions during drawdown.
  • ProfitStep—Step to add positions at profitable transactions.
  • MACD_Timeframes—Taymfrey Indicator MACD.
  • MACD_Fast_EMA—A period of rapid average MACD.
  • MACD_Slov_EMA—Period of slow average MACD.
  • MACD_Signal—Period signal line MACD.
  • MACD_Shift—Shift relative to the current bar.
  • ShowInfo—Show / hide information.
  • TextColor—Text color.
  • Com—Comment on the transactions.
  • Magic—The magic number.
Enrique Enguix Vino
Enrique Enguix Vino 2020.06.04 22:57 

Beneficios pequeños pero constantes. Poco riesgo. Funciona bien con los parámetros adecuados

Atep Novic
Atep Novic 2017.12.05 09:25 

not bad