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Forex Trend Monitor

Through this Expert Advisor you will always be sure to do the best for the trend.

This Expert Advisor will allow you to identify the symbols with a trend stronger, more stable and linear.

Trend is your best friend!

How to read result:

  • Symbol: Button with Symbol Name, click to open new graphic
  • ROC: Result of Strength Force of Symbol
  • ABS: Absolute value of Gain/Loss % of Symbol
  • Linearity: Math Interpolation of Price Action that define Price Retracement (> BEST)
  • ATR: Average True Range of BAR (Pip)
  • Spread: Symbol Spread (Pip)
  • Best Way: Math Weight of all Result (> BEST)
  • Direction: Trend Direction (Long/Short)
  • Tendency: Trend Tendency (Accelerate, Stable, Decelerate)
  • Symbols Name: True Symbols Name
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Version 1.71 - 2015.07.30
- Better Graphics
- More Improvement
- Faster Code
- Added Weekly Settings
- Added Most Used Pairs

and more....
Version 1.70 - 2015.04.08
- Improved functionality.
- Better graphics.
- More easy to read.
Version 1.66 - 2014.12.23
- Code Optimization
- Special edition for December 2014
- Special price!