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Cross Trend Line Notifier

Indicator that sends you an alert, email or push notification, when a trend line is crossed. You can set the name(s) of the trend lines to be watched.

It works in 2 different modes:

  • Closed candle only alert: This will send you the alert and notification if the price breaks above or below a trend line and keeps this way until a new candle is open.
  • Any time the line get crossed: This will send you the alert when the price crosses above or below the trend line, at the moment this happens without the need the candle closes.

You can set the number of alerts that want to receive for each event. When an alert is sent a button in the center of the screen will appear showing you the remaining reminders still to send.

The email and notifications are sent only once per event. In order to receive the email or notifications, activate them using Tools->Options menu.

Indicator parameters:

  • Add comma separated line names: Set the line names to be screened by the indicator (separate them by commas)
  • Check on closed only: Set as true if you want to wait until close candle before to send alarm, false will send alert as soon as close price cross one of the trend lines instructed.
  • How many times need an alert to repeat: Set the number of sound alerts given by the indicator for each cross of trend line
  • How many seconds of interval between alerts: Set the number of seconds of interval between repetitions of sound alerts
  • Deactivate the indicators Alerts Mails and Push Notifications: Set as true to only produce sound alerts, set as false to also send mail and push notifications (if available in your MT4).
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Version 2.0 2015.10.23
Add the ability to use horizontal lines as well as trend lines