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The Expert Advisor is based on a standard principle. Each next time a position is opened with stop levels, the stop levels are set based on the channel. The initial lot for the position is calculated based on the starting risk and in accordance with the stop level. It is selected so that with the reference starting risk, irrespective of the stop value, the loss and win would be equal. That is, if you the stop is larger, the lot is smaller; if the stop is smaller, the lot is larger. This is the proportion for setting the lot. The next step is the analysis of history. If the position has a profit, the EA continues to work with the initial risk. If the position is losing, the risk increases so that the possible profit would cover previous losses (with the preset leverage, by how much to increase the gain). It can be increased till the predetermined limit. Thus each successive bid gives a twice larger chance to win.

Works only on netting accounts!

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Version 1.1 2015.02.02
Reduced memory requirements.