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Transformer MT4

Transformer – is a strategy builder that implements specified actions when the signal occurs:

  • Uses the built-in version of another product – Rooster, as a signal provider;
  • Basic features – SL, TP, lot fixed and floating;
  • Trailing and breakeven stops;
  • Martingale option;
  • Enhanced scheduler allows to set trading periods separately for each day of week.

Default settings demonstrate MACD lines crossing strategy.

Detailed manual is attached in the Comments.

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Version 3.0 - 2015.08.13
Built-in Rooster is updated to v3.0;
Virtual stops support;
Rearranged input settings, any signal can be defined directly (without Rooster) now;
Removed 'Execution type' - obsolete;
All values from Rooster plus new ones are available: #, $, newbar, newtick, balance, equity, r#;
New Actions: +grid, trailing;
Added the 'replacements' section - for optimization.